I have been studying more and more training methodologies for improving strength. I am currently interning at Relentless Strength and Conditioning, and part of my program is doing extensive readings on training programs. I have always been an individual who attempts new things, but I get stuck in my ways sometimes. I have done years of basic bodybuilding splits, and without variation, that is exhausting. You need to switch it up to get better. None of this “tricking your muscles” bullshit either. It’s honestly for you mentally. It’s hard to go day in day out with the same routine. If you planned to eat the same exactly meals 4 days a week for an entire year, you would go insane. Variation is key for the sanity of the strength training process.

My current favorite for a training program is Westside Barbell (explained here: https://www.elitefts.com/education/novice/efs-classic-the-eight-keys-a-complete-guide-to-maximal-strength-development/ ). The program is structured around having max effort and dynamic movement days based upon the three major lifts: bench, squat, and deadlift. For powerlifting, this is great, but not everyone is a powerlifter. But the structure of the program is what is important here. In order to improve upon strength, a maxing out to push your threshold must occur. The dynamic days are designed for speed/fast twitch muscle work. The addition of these provides further reinforcement to your maximum lifting days.

I currently am programmed by Relentless Strength Training, and they customize the program based upon injuries and goal set. I was training for a powerlifting meet, until I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago, and therefore, I was doing the three major lifts on a regular basis. After my injury, we shifted my programming into metabolic training, basically sweat your ass off conditioning, and then recently into Olympic lifts. During the past two months, I have went from 225 body weight to 207 body weight. I credit the amazing programming and my own self-nutrition coaching for the weight loss. I have also lost minimal strength as well.

As I have put it, my floor has been raised on all my lifts. I can do much more volume than I have ever done before, and I can do it at a higher weight. Instead of a 3 sets of 6 at 225 for bench, I can do 5 sets of 6 at 245 for bench. But, my ceiling has dropped. Instead of a bench max at 345lbs, I doubt I could go over 315. But I haven’t tried either. Maybe I have to try that next.

I’ll let everyone know how that goes next check in

Happy lifting all



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