Check in #2- Who I am and Morning Routines
For those who don’t know me, my name is Dan and nutrition/supplementation is my biggest passion. I graduated from University of Maine this past may with my BS in Nutrition and look to apply my knowledge right away. This website is just the beginning to what I want to accomplish and create in my life. Other passions of mine are video games, power lifting, strength training, and fantasy football. Luckily, I can do all of these things concurrently. I currently intern/work at Relentless Strength Training in Bangor, Maine for the owner Isaac Wilkins. He is a remarkable programmer and extremely knowledgeable of strength training and all accessory aspects of it. He also is creating an online platform for his work that incorporates strength training along with mindset training for everyday life. I highly recommend you check them out here:
Plugs aside, he is a great resource for bettering my knowledge base to strengthen my ability to coach clients correctly. I hope to integrate myself further into Relentless using my nutritional knowledge for his Nutrition Coaching programs.

I also am in the process of taking on another position at a supplement company, but I’ll explain more about that in a later post.

Morning Routine
My normal morning routine is waking up between 6-7am and beginning my day with journaling and meditation. Both are extremely important to focus myself mentally to succeed in the coming day. I do two different types of journaling- gratitude and intention setting. Both of these journaling practices have been proven time and time again to benefit some of the greatest most successful minds in the world. A gratitude journal is relatively self explanatory- you write down all the things you are grateful for in your life. I enjoy using this as an introspective look at myself along with humbling my existence. It feels fantastic to be able to look upon my life and be grateful for so many aspects of it. Not only does it provide perspective, it allows me to stay centered around the important things. The intention setting journaling is how I create my perfect day- everyday. I write down my entire day and always ask “how could this day get better?” while writing. It sets me up mentally for inviting in additional opportunities into my life. Some things I write down do not happen, but a lot actually do. My newest job opportunity was something I journal about and vetted out consistently, and low-and-behold, it came into fruition. The power of setting my intentions every day has become second to none within my current life.

After journaling, I do a 10 min guided meditation found here:
It’s quick and easy plus centers myself mentally even further. I really do recommend getting into a meditation practice and using a guided meditation is the best form for beginners. I honestly enjoy it more than a non-guided meditation because my mind, like most others, tends to wander a lot. With the guide being a part of the meditation, I can have something to focus on. Thusly, I can meditate more frequently and enjoy it.
After that is all done, I enjoy my morning coffee and begin working on one of my projects.



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