Coaching Services


Hey There!

My name is Dan and I am the Owner of LvL Up Coach LLC! I am a nutrition coach and a strength/conditioning coach here to help you!

I work with a wide variety of people with a spectrum of goals; from weight loss to weight gain, building muscle to leaning out, improving your gym routine to improving your health, I am here to help you through it all.

My coaching is unique; I like to dig deep with my clients and improve their entire lives using nutrition as a tool. I analyze and understand patterns of behavior in your life, and we work together to make alterations in those patterns to align with your goals. I focus on the “qualifiables” not the “quantifiables” as well. Meaning, we’ll vet out goals together that get at the underlying feeling behind your nutritional and fitness goals. I want you to walk away from my services feeling completely in control of your nutrition and educated about it all.

My service is highly educationally based. I want all my clients to learn from this experience, and by the end of our time together, not need me anymore. I want to give you that confidence.

Currently, I am running a special for my service- for all 6 month packages; I am doing a 50% discount!

What you get with this packages:

  • Education based nutrition coaching customized to your lifestyle and goals
  • A constant stream of education materials to better understand your nutrition
  • A progressive strength and conditioning program tailored to you
  • Weekly check in phone calls
  • Unlimited access to email communications
  • A supplement profile explaining specific supplement recommendations for your goals
  • A supportive coach here to guide you and be in your corner!

Let’s LvL you Up and get you closer to your goals!

Dan “LvL Up Coach” Rich

Fill out the information below and I will reach out to you.