“Red White and Boom” Supplement Review

This pre-workout has been one of my favorites in recent memory. Beyond ingredient profile, the “Freedom” flavor made me laugh and feel patriotic simultaneously. Because why not. It’s also made by a company ‘Merica Labz based out of Virginia. Couldn’t get more patriotic than that. Maybe if you scaled Mount Washington with the Liberty Bell strapped to your back while singing the national anthem to your pet bald eagle. A man can dream, can’t he?

I tell it as it is, and therefore, for this Pre-workout I must give a disclaimer: the ingredient 6-methylheptan-2-amine is not for someone new to supplements. It packs a punch which for me is fantastic, but I know others would not be interested in it. I’ll explain more the effects of this ingredient in the section below, but keep that in mind when pondering “is this a good pre-workout for me?”

That being said: I really liked this one. So let’s get started.

Ingredients and Dosages

We start off with a great ingredient: Citrilline Malate. As far as it goes, for a number of reasons, this is one of my favorite pre-workout ingredients. Between added circulatory values, potential respiratory benefits, among other things, this is a needed ingredient. Average effective dosage is 6g, and we are fortunate enough to have 8g in this product: the more the better with Citrilline Malate.

When it comes to creatine, the monohydrate form has the most scientific research behind it. Creatine HCL may have some merit, but there is not enough research behind anything definitive. Therefore, monohydrate is my default choice for Creatine supplementation. We love it for a number of reasons: energy production, increased hypertrophy, and increased sustainable energy levels.

I’ll absolutely take the 5g dosage in this product: you truly don’t need more than that if supplementing on a regular basis. I’ll go into the merits of creatine supplementation in another article.

I love Carnosyn. I love Carnosyn at a 3.2g dosage. I love that it’s exactly the dosage and ingredient I want in my pre-workouts. Win for ‘Merica Labs.

The caffeine dosage is pretty high. Anyone with a heart condition should probably avoid this product all together. But for those who love the stimulant boost: stay strapped to your seats because a single scoop has the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee. Most likely a name brand like Folgers. I won’t hate on Folgers, but you could do better. Spend the extra buck and go Dunkin’. You deserve it.

Synephrine HCL is the fancy name for ‘bitter orange extract’ which most individuals who know supplements associate with Cellucor C4’s original formula (among other products referencing “oranges” in their names). Bitter orange constantly is put into pre-workout products for one purpose: appetite suppressant. It’s marketed as a “fat loss” supplement, but don’t let that fool you: free will trumps all. You can eat right through that “I’m not hungry” feeling. Put a plate of cookies in front of your face post workout. Tell me how that goes.

As far as the merit for Synephrine in this product, it works well with caffeine. Both have an effect on appetite and metabolic rate (you’ll burn more calories by just living). Some people have a negative reaction to this ingredient though. Please keep that in mind if you wish to try this product.

I saved the best for last: 6-methylheptan-2-amine. Here is the king of the castle for this pre-workout. From my research, this ingredient is a synthetic compound attempting to mimic phenylethylamine ¬†with extremely reduced effects. For those who don’t know, phenylethylamine come in a wide range of variations, but the common prescription version is Ritalin. The effects are improved focus, improved cognitive ability, appetite suppressant, and improved central nervous system reactions.

Now, what 6-methylheptain-2-amine does is mimic those effects but reduce the duration and effectiveness of them. This results in a much shorter duration, less than 2 hours, of improved cognition/focus while also not being as effective at focusing. For those who don’t have a Ritalin prescription, myself included, it felt very effective at focusing me during the workout.

Currently, the FDA is going through trials with this ingredient. The FDA has yet to ban or decide that this ingredient is not decent for public consumption. That’s a good thing. Usually, if they even remotely smell a “questionable compound” it’s banned immediately. That means the trials have been proving effective at showing the merit and application of this compound. Thumbs up to that.


This pre-workout lives up to its hype. The ingredient profile fits most needs, and leaves the individual in an improved/stimulated state for athletic performance. When using this, I guarantee a personal best 70% of the time, every time. The taste was not horrible, but it wasn’t remarkable. The freedom flavor was a fresh lemonade flavor full of tingles and jitters to rid any sort of tiredness before your workout. Freedom from exhaustion achieved.

Here is the biggest downside/side effect of this product: the feeling post workout. Every have an insanely good workout? It was such a good workout your entire body is exhausted. You pushed your nervous system to its max and achieved all your goals for the workout. You left it all on the table. So afterwards you just want to lie on the couch and be a potato. Yeah take that feeling multiply it by 6 and extend the duration by 4 hours. Welcome to the after effects of using this product. I honestly really enjoyed that state: I was content with literally anything. “Hey Dan can I borrow $500 for rent this month” “Yeah sure man just let me sit on the couch a little longer” “Hey Dan do you mind if I eat the rest of your cinnamon toast crunch?” “As long as I can sit on the couch for a couple more hours”. Rinse and repeat. No, I wasn’t ‘stoned’, but I was extremely content with my existence, and therefore, was not affected by anything.

It let me reach my inner Zen post workout. This didn’t occur every post workout either: just all the ones where I was channeling my inner Buddhist. Spirituality AND supplements in one post. Yes ladies and gentleman I am a Jack of all trades.

Cost and Re-Up Value

The normal serving amount for this product is 25 servings at a total of $45. Leaving us at $1.8/serving. By usual pricing standards, that is pretty high. Most pre-workouts are closer to the $35-40 mark for at least 30 servings. We’re getting a quality product, but we’re absolutely paying extra for the privilege of using it. I would prefer spending the money on a quality product that I know works rather than gambling on an inexpensive one of lesser quality. In the supplementation market, quality is hard to come by. Don’t be afraid of dishing out some more cash for a better product. You almost will never regret it. Almost.

In all seriousness, the usage was high caliber. The post workout relaxation was not enough to drive me away from using it for my entire month of workouts. I would recommend it to a friend. Maybe even two friends. But that could be pushing it.

I would buy this product again. They sell samples on their website as well. Give them a look. Purchases can be made here:‘Merica Labz Red, White & Boom | 25 Servings – Freedom

Final Scores

Ingredients- 4/5

Dosages- 5/5

Usage- 5/5

Cost- 4/5

Re-up Value- 4/5

Total Score- 22/25

There yeah have it. Let me know your thoughts and if you have products you would like me to personally review!



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