NO3 Ultimate Supplement Review


NO3 Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement

Imagine this- you begin your workout. You feel the release it provides as you set up your weights, or get your gym clothes on. You enter your temple; your inner child realizes this is his/her play time. You get to your happy place just by lacing up your gym shoes. Now you get to begin one of the favorite parts of your day- training.

In the gym, you want to be effective and efficient with your time. There’s no point in going slow and bringing no intensity to your workout- you want that intensity. It’s a mix of excitement and poise that shivers down your spine as you grab the iron bars and put on the weights. This is you time. And that should be your focus.

Focusing on you, and making yourself a better human than when you stepped into the gym.

The only problem is sometimes that intensity is waning. Sometimes life brings itself into the gym with you, and you can’t seem to find yourself in “flow”. So is life, but there are ways to ignite that intensity regardless of outside circumstances.

I give you NO3 Ultimate by Cellucor.

This product is a subsection of pre-workouts designed to ignite a further intensity in your workouts, and trust me, it has the ability to do just that.

It wants to provide you a “pump” during your lifts rarely consistently felt. This is the boost you have been looking for- I know it’s the boost I have been looking for recently.

I have been using this product for each of my workouts within the last month in preparation for this review, and I have culminated a detailed opinion on it. But before I get to my thoughts, let’s dive into the product and do a full evaluation of ingredients, dosages, and product design.

Nitric Oxide and The Nitric Oxide Cycle

“Dan, wait a second. I thought this was a product review? Not a chemistry lesson?”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for you- this product review requires both.

For supplementation in general, each product has a list of ingredients. These ingredients all have purpose in varying degrees, but to understand their purpose; a true explanation of their goals has to be deciphered.

For this product, its primary goal is to produce additional Nitric Oxide (NO) through our Nitric Oxide Cycle. NO is a byproduct of a specific reaction in our bodies- the conversion of Arginine, an amino acid, into Citrilline, another amino acid.

NO can take many different forms after this reaction occurs, but the form we are most interested in is the one that reacts with smooth muscle tissue. This tissue lines all our veins and arteries, and NO has the lovely ability to relax it. This ability is called “vasodilatation”.

When NO works in conjunction with smooth muscle tissue, it causes the blood vessels to dilate, and thus, reduces the constriction within our blood stream.

This lack of constriction allows for greater blood flow to occur, and can play a role in aiding our workouts in general by that indirect increase in blood flow.

When you take this product, you’ll notice an increase in Vascularity and general “pump” feeling. This is coming directly from the increase in blood flow provided from the increase in NO within your body.

Now let’s analyze how this product does their ingredient profile and dosages.

Ingredient Profile and Dosages

L-Citrilline 4 grams/serving

                Citrilline is one of the amino acids touched on earlier, and has benefits when supplemented at correct dosages. Citrilline supplementation is shown to improve cardiovascular effects along with reduction in fatigue. It also has the ability to improve aerobic and anaerobic properties associated with prolonged exercise.

                Citrilline supplementation is also a more effective type of supplementation when attempting to increase Arginine levels within the body (due to multiple factors). Citrilline, as opposed to Citrilline Malate, needs to supplement at a 4000mg to 8000mg dosage for desired effects when it comes to sports performance. Less than that can yield reduced effects.  

                In our case, NO3 Ultimate has a serving size on the lower end of the spectrum for perceived benefits, but for someone getting into NO boosters in general, it would still have a perceived effect.

Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate (as Nitrosigine ©) 1.5 grams/serving

                Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate (ASI) is a fairly new supplement ingredient with a lot of promise. Its purpose is fairly similar to Citrilline- increase NO production along, increase energy levels, and increase mental prowess. Though the research is sparse, due to the newness of the ingredient, it has a couple detailed research studies involving it. ASI has shown at supplementing 1.5g prior to a workout to increase NO levels and energy levels without the added blood pressure increase that most stimulants have. Thus, supplementing this product can provide added benefits to any NO booster without adding a true stimulant to the product. I’m pretty excited about how this ingredient gets incorporated into future products as well.

Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T©) 500mg/serving

                The addition of Arginine supplementation in this product is a bit of a head scratcher just because of the two staples of ingredients listed prior. Most research provided poses ample evidence that Citrilline supplementation does an improved job at providing increase NO production, and that Arginine supplementation does not reach the same threshold. I appreciate the product attempting to cover all bases with having Arginine as an ingredient within this supplement, but it could be seen as an unnecessary ingredient in the overall profile. It would seem adding additional Citrilline and cutting out the Arginine would be the best way to improve this product, but that is just a humble opinion.

Grape Seed Extract (95% OPC) 150mg/serving and trans-Resveratrol (as resVida©) 30mg/serving

                I want to discuss these ingredients in conjunction with one another. Both can be seen as the portion of this supplement focusing on either reduction of blood flow or cardiovascular protection. Grape seed extract functions to increase blood flow while reducing blood pressure which functions fairly well with increased NO production. Grape seed Extract has the same motive as the other ingredients here- to functionally increase NO production. The counterpart here, trans-Resveratrol, functions similarly within this environment: it also focuses on increase in NO production though it is more minor in effect.  It has a number of health effects associated with it, but functionally, we are focusing on the blood flow increases secondary to NO interactions.

                There are no specific dosages for either ingredient, and it is believed more longevity trials need to be done prior to having a more concrete number, but I do like that both of them are represented in this product.

                The one drawback is how trans-Resveratrol functions to reduce oxidative stress, and exercise creates oxidative stress in order to produce muscle growth, it thus could reduce the muscle growth effects associated with exercise. With this dosage, it would prove to be minor, but still an effect to keep in mind.

My Thoughts after Use

I used this product for each of my workouts for the last 30 days, and I truly did like the effects of use. I stacked this with another pre-workout (that was stimulant based) but tried it on its own as well. The effects are present, and I could absolutely feel an increase in vascularity and reduced fatigue during my workouts. It did take me longer to “warm up” which honestly encouraged higher rep ranges to begin most of my training, and I did not mind that at all. If anything, it encouraged me to make sure I was fully warmed up prior to my heavier sets. I had the watermelon flavor and it mixed/tasted nicely overall.

My final Evaluation

Each category is out of 5 with the final score out of 20.

Characteristic Ingredients Dosage Effect Taste/mixture
Grade 4 4 4.5 5

Total: 17.5/20

I would absolutely recommend trying this product out. Check it out here, and let me know what you think about the product or my evaluation in the comments below.

Until Next Time.

Cellucor is a cornerstone of the supplement industry. Through their early products, such as C4, they defined a market for years to come. All their products are well developed and research: providing the maximum intended affect for each supplement. I highly recommend checking out their products if you’re new to supplements, or need a bit of variation to your normal routine. Check them out at the link below.


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