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Pre-workout “Nutrex Outlift Amped” Review

Ingredients and dosages
This is a pretty good pre-workout. Prior to my purchase, I did a dosage/ingredient check. What caught my eye was the 8 grams of Citrilline Malate which is above normal dosage of 6g for most pre-workouts, but is within the dosage range for beneficial effects. Above 6g seems to be the threshold of having a positive effect.

Outlift Amped started off strong in my book, and then continued strong with a correct dosage of 3.2g of Carnosyn- beta alanine. First off, the reason we want to see Carnosyn in products that contain beta alanine is because they are the highest quality producer. Their quality is so good that Carnosyn is actually just a patented 100% beta alanine. Secondly, It is rare to find a product with a full dosage of beta alanine.

Next we have betaine androgynous or Trimethylglycine (TMG) for anyone who wants to do research on this particular ingredient. They continue to impress with correct dosaging, 2.5g, where most studies have 1.25g twice a day producing positive effects. We are looking good so far.

The dosage of creatine magnesium chelate is up to standards. The taurine is slightly under dosed, but that does not negatively impact the product much. The Tyrosine is within the general range of providing effects, but dosaging of this is generally individualized, and therefore, hard to have an exact gramage associated with it. I’ll take 750mg though.

The rest of the ingredients are straight forward with the best one being the Bioperine or black pepper extract. This ingredient increases uptake of nutrients and I really appreciate when products incorporate them into their formulations.

As far as an ingredient profile, its generally impressive when compared to the current market average. There would be a couple ingredients I would add, Leucine, HMB, but otherwise I give it a high grading.


I used the full 20 day supply for 20 different workouts ranging from single to double sessions (1.5hrs to 3.5 hrs). My general reaction was the same at the beginning of each workout; I took the pre-workout 15-20mins prior to my warm up and by 20mins into my workout I felt it kick in. I appreciated the cognitive focus it brought along with a general amount of stimulation. I did not “get used to it” and have to up the dosage either. Each workout I had one scoop and never went above that for all 20 servings.

One drawback was actually scooping the powder into my shaker. This was the first time any supplement has done this to me but every time I opened the jar, the “smoke” from the powder made me wheezy. I had to put a bandana on over my mouth to not inhale the powder while scooping. It felt slightly criminal, but it was a small draw back on an overall good product.

Cost and Re up Value

As far as it goes, this product is expensive. The per-serving price is $2, but I know I am paying for a good quality product. The supplement comes in a 20 serving package at $40 for the entire thing. Could you potentially buy all the ingredients individually and save some money? Yes, but that requires additional effort not many people want to undertake. It was well worth my $40.

I would purchase this product again and advice people to do the same. You can find it here: Nutrex Research Outlift Amped Powder, Peach Pineapple, 15.7 Ounce
They have fruit candy and peach pineapple. I went peach pineapple because I’m a peach.
Final Scoring
Each category is scored out of 5 points with the final being out of 25 points. This is an opinion, but an advised opinion none the less.

Name: Outlift Amped Ingredients Dosages Usage  Cost  Re-up value
Grade                                      4                    5           4           3               5

Total: 21/25


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