Recommended Products



Nutrex Outlift

  • Fantastic formula
  • Great benefit for a weightlifting pre-workout
  • Good pre-workout for beginners and intermediate lifters


Opitimum Nutrition- Gold Standard

  • One of the best whey protein isolates you can buy
  • Good formula
  • It’s the “gold standard” for a reason

Fish Oils

Nordic Naturals

  • Best fish oil in the industry
  • They have contracts with fishing villages to get fish just for this product
  • Fresh and not processed
  • Best fish oil by far

Weight Loss Support

Evl Nutrition- Lean Mode

  • Great formula
  • Transparency
  • Correct ingredients to aid in weight loss
  • Stimulant free- can be used at any time of day

Greens Powder

Vibrant Health- Green Vibrance

  • Ingredients made from fresh sources
  • Probiotic and prebiotic built in
  • Great vitamin profile
  • Fantastic for getting full micronutrient profile daily
  • Promotes healthy gut and weight loss