My name is David, and I am 22 years old. I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. Reaching my health and fitness goals seemed to be an impossible task after so many failed attempts with different diets. Signing up with Dan Rich as my nutrition coach was one of the best decisions I have made. Dan has changed my perspective on food and nutrition, no single diet can work for everyone. Everyone’s bodies work and react differently. Dan has not only helped me figure out what foods work best for my body personally, but he has taught me why. He has given me the tools to make educated decisions when I eat. Dan personalizes the way he coaches based on each individual. As a full time student and a part time employee, I did not think I had the time to commit to a strict diet. Dan has made it simple for me to follow, and he is flexible with my schedule. Whenever I need a question answered he is easy to reach, and always answers in a timely fashion. As a coach he is not over bearing, but he is not too distant either. We have weekly phone updates and occasional face to face meetings, per my request. He is open to more hands on coaching as well as more distant, but my personal preference is right in the middle. All options for coaching were discussed in the beginning, but Dan is also open to changing how he coaches you based on your needs. Dan is very friendly and super supportive, at no point have I ever felt pushed to do anything that I really did not want to. Dan will help you keep the foods you love within your nutrition plan, in a way that still helps you lose weight. I have seen great progress, and am excited to finish out my 6 month plan.


Sharon, MA

I had been going to the gym regularly for about three years when I enlisted Dan to create a supplement snapshot for me. Over the years I had heard many different wives tales about supplements and never really knew enough about them to refute what I was hearing. The supplement snapshot was great because I could finally be confident that the information I was receiving was coming from an expert and could be trusted. Dan was great and would recommend him to anyone.


Working with Dan has been a pleasure. He has really taken the time to listen to me and help me manage my diet in one of the busiest times of my life. As a full time worker, nursing student and mother to a toddler, I don't have much free time. The greatest thing about Dan is that he's understanding and very flexible! I've had a great experience and learned a lot and am excited to take the knowledge he equipped me with and move forward.

Lizmarie D.

Dan has educated me on nutrition, listening and then customizing as to my needs. I now understand what I'm eating and I'm able to make good choices while still enjoying food. I have been able to lower my cholesterol and glucose numbers in just 6 weeks. I highly recommend Dan.

Kate L.

Dan's service has tremendous value. He personally has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and supplementation that far surpasses any person I have met with. He is able to tailor a program directly to you & your needs. Personally, Dan is warm and friendly and genuinely cares about his clients. I can tell that he was motivated for MY success and wants me to reach my goals.

Brianna M.

Working with Dan has been an absolute pleasure. He is an outstanding coach. I started my journey with Dan around 285lbs. I am currently down to 224lbs. I could not have come this far without his support, and his help. He didnt just tell me what to do, he taught me how to be better. My physical body and my mindset have both gone through amazing changes thanks to Dan. He cares about his clients, and it shows. Ive recomended Dan to both family and friends, and i continue to do so whenever possible!

David D.

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