Why Hire A Coach?

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Why Hire A Coach?

A coach isn’t a trainer. A coach isn’t a therapist.

A coach is an up lifter. He/she is there to promote the things you see in yourself that you want brought out and self-actualized.

A coach’s job is a mix between motivation, education, accountability, and friendship.

Motivation to lift you towards the places you want to go, Education to boost your chances of being in those places, Accountability to hold you accountable to yourself and what you truly want,  and Friendship to enjoy the achievements with you.

We, as coaches, are here to support and promote individuals who find us. We are givers. We are helpers. We want the people we work with to grow and find the satisfaction they are looking for.

You should not get a coach if: you don’t have a clear goal in mind or you refuse to put effort in towards that goal. Coaches are here for guidance, insight, and support, but not to obtain the goal for you. We are the spine, but you are the heart.

When you decide to get a coach, you have found a goal. Your desire to obtain that goal enough to illicit help from another. This is when you venture to find a coach that works well with you.

If you have a clear goal defined, and you want to put the effort in towards obtaining the goal, then you should find a right fitting coach.

Each coach has a different style and concentration of knowledge. Everyone has their niche. Find the person that speaks to you.

Here are some questions to ask your prospective coach:

‘What do you expect from me?’
‘How are you going to coach me through the positives, but also the negatives when I really need your help?’
‘ What have you seen work? What doesn’t?’
‘How can I be a great client?’
‘What does my money honestly get me?’
‘Am I going to leave your coaching better than when I came?’

Find the person that speaks to you. This is a brand new relationship you are creating with someone else. Let it be one you cherish and enjoy.

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